Mini Mp3 Player

Our Mini MP3 Player has a 256MB memory, plays MP3 and WMA formats and also comes complete with a built in FM Radio and voice recorder. Perfect for everyone who wants the latest design with the easiest use of technology.

Introducing the most fashionable MP3 player on the market. Weighing under and ounce this little unit is sure to please.

Illuminating backlight feature, compact size alongside very smooth looks this unit is packed with a rechargable Lithium Ion battery charged from USB.

Store 256 MB worth of songs, (equals about 70 songs) it also has WMA compatibility as well as a voice recorder function for taking notes.

A built in FM receiver can pre-scan your favourite radio stations while you are on the move, you can even receord them for playback later..

With the looks, the style and the functionality you can not afford to over look this littte marvel. RRP price to please your customers. Offering a 2 year manufacturers warantee you really cant go wrong.

Supports MP3s and WMAs 256MB equal to 4 hours music FM radio able to save 30 channels and record radio content Voice Recorder USB Storage Disk 5 EQ modes: normal, classic, rock, jazz and pop 4 Cycling modes: normal, repeat song, repeat all, preview first 10 secs of each song Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery USB charger also data cable A-B repeat function Blue, green, red, orange, yellow background light Charge time 1.5 hours = run time 8 hours Size: 4.2 x 6 x 1.2cm

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